Discover the Weather Wonderland that is Devils Lake!

North Dakota WEATHER

Devils Lake is known for its winter activities that benefit from an ample amount of snowfall and cold temperatures to create ice on the lake for an extended period of time. Winter temperatures highs drop to 20℉ with lows hovering around 0℉. The consistent temperatures below freezing lend to the superb ice fishing reputation of Devils Lake. A good resource to monitor the ice thickness on Devils Lake is the Devils Lake Fishing Report. The area does experience consistent mild winds throughout the year. While Devils Lake is known for its ice fishing in the winter, the mild summers are a well-kept secret. The lake and surrounding area experience typical highs approaching 80℉ with instances of increasing highs periodically, the cool nights with sweet summer breezes make enjoying the area in the summer a can't-miss endeavor. Trends can be seen below per USclimatedata and

ND Climate Chart

monthly wind speed ND

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