Building a Stronger Community: The Economic Benefits of Childcare in Devils Lake

Building a Stronger Community: The Economic Benefits of Childcare in Devils Lake Main Photo

30 Jun 2023


Access to high-quality childcare is crucial for working parents, as it enables them to pursue employment opportunities while ensuring the well-being and development of their children. The economic impact of childcare facilities in Devils Lake on the local community cannot be overstated. Child care is an essential component of community infrastructure that serves children and families and supports economic development efforts. Availability and access to child care are essential components of a community’s infrastructure.

Childcare Facilities and the Economic Benefits 

  1. Employment Opportunities: Childcare facilities create employment opportunities, benefiting the providers and the community. These centers require a diverse workforce, including teachers, administrators, janitorial staff, and support personnel. Providing jobs and childcare facilities contribute to the overall economic growth of Devils Lake, reducing unemployment rates and stimulating local spending.
  2. Increased Labor Force Participation: Accessible and affordable childcare facilities encourage parents, particularly mothers, to enter or re-enter the workforce. Parents with reliable childcare options are likelier to pursue employment, leading to a more significant labor force participation rate. This increased participation enhances the productivity of Devils Lake's workforce, positively impacting the local economy.
  3. Business Development and Attraction: High-quality childcare services can significantly attract new businesses. Companies considering relocation or expansion pay close attention to the amenities and support systems available to their employees. Reliable childcare facilities in Devils Lake strengthen the city's appeal to businesses, potentially resulting in new investments and job opportunities.
  4. Economic Stability for Families: Childcare facilities play a vital role in providing stability to families. These centers improve families' economic well-being by allowing parents to work or attend educational programs. Affordable and accessible childcare reduces financial stress, enhances household income, and enables families to meet their basic needs. This stability contributes to overall community welfare and reduces the strain on social assistance programs.
  5. Local Spending and Tax Revenue: Childcare facilities generate local spending as parents pay their children's care fees. These fees are often used to support the operations and maintenance of the centers, further stimulating the local economy. Additionally, the employment opportunities created by childcare centers lead to increased consumer spending on goods and services within Devils Lake. The resulting boost in local spending translates into higher tax revenues for the city and strengthens public finances.
  6. Long-Term Economic Impact: Investing in early childhood education through childcare facilities yields long-term economic benefits. Research consistently shows that high-quality early education positively affects children's cognitive and social development, setting them up for success. Children who receive quality care and education at an early age are more likely to perform better academically, earn higher incomes as adults, and contribute positively to society. This long-term impact leads to a more skilled and productive workforce, attracting new businesses and fostering economic growth.

Childcare: An essential resource for Devils Lake Residents 

Childcare centers in Devils Lake, North Dakota, provide employment opportunities, increase labor force participation, attract businesses, stabilize families, generate local spending, and contribute to long-term economic growth. Recognizing the importance of childcare as an economic driver is crucial for policymakers, business leaders, and community members alike. Devils Lake can foster a thriving economy, create a strong foundation for future generations, and build a vibrant and prosperous community by investing in and supporting childcare facilities.

Devils Lake has a wonderful group of childcare providers! For an updated list, please visit this link. If you are interested in starting a childcare business, many resources are available to you at no cost, from funding options to business development and more!  Call our office at 701-662-4933, or send us an email at


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